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-- Tuesday 14th Sep., 2009 ---

Tuesday Salsa Classes & Dance Party!
Veterans Hall Santa Cruz; 846 Front St Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Time: 7:15-8:00-Begginers; 8:00-8:45-intermediate; General Admission:
One Class: $8.00; Both Classes: $12.00; Student Pricing: One Class: $4.00
Both Classes: $6.00 (Must show current school ID); Dance Party w/o Class: $3.00
Class Price includes Dance Party
More info contact: Jose (831) 295-0301


-- Thursday 17th Sep., 2009 ---

Cayuga Vault (venue info. below)
7:30pm Ariel will teach Cuban style dance moves and Salsa Casino Rueda
dance style in this special session. Drop-in $7 ($5 students)
More info: Tel: 831-457-7432;


-- Friday 18th Sep., 2009 ---

B-Side Players back again at Moes! (venue info. below)
Playing Latin funk, rock, jazz, hip-hop, salsa, carribean. Featuring two nights.
9:30pm, Cover $15/20 (advance/door)
More info:

Hot Salsa Party! Palomar Ballroom (venue info. below) 7:30 Intermediate
Salsa lesson, 8:15 Beginning lesson. 9:00-11:30 Salsa dance party.
$10 for both classes and party, or come for just the party for $3.
More info:


-- Saturday 19th Sep., 2009 ---

Rhythm Nexus is featuring Flor de Caña at the Cypress Lounge and Dine,
120 Union Street, Downtown Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Starts 9:00pm, Cover $10 includes lesson @ 9pm followed by Live Music!
More inof:

-- Sunday 20th Sep., 2009 ---

Salsa by the Sea - Near Boardwalk next to the Ideal Restaurant.
Free Salsa; 4pm-7pm Rotating DJs. *Please note new time



--- News & Upcoming Events! ---

- Sat. Sep. 25, featuring Salson! at the Veterans Hall, 846 Front Street, also Downtown Santa Cruz, CA 95060

- Micheal is starting a new salsa series. Check schedule for more info.

- Every Tues. @ Vets Hall; Classes & Dance! See weekly regular events for more details.

- 8th Annual SF Bay Area Salsa Congress - Coming Soon! November 19 - 22, 2009


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--- Venues & Contact Info.---

Venue: Vets Hall Type: Stage, Dance Address: 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 454-0478 Web:

Venue: Palomar Ballroom Type: Dance Address: 1344 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 426-1221 Web:

Venue: Dance Synergy Type: Stage, Dance Address: 9055 Soquel Drive, Aptos, CA 95003 Tel: (831) 661-0235 Web:

Venue: Cypress Lounge Type: Bar, Dance Address: 120 Union Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 Tel: (831) 459-9876 Web:

Venue: Crows Nest Type: Restaurant, Bar, Stage, Dance Address: 2218 E. Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 476-4560 Web:

Venue: Moes Alley Type: Stage, Bar, Dance Address: 1535 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 479-1854 Web:

Venue: Verve Lounge Type: Wine Bar, Dance Address: 7941 Soquel Drive, Aptos 95003 Tel: (831) 662-2247 Web:

Venue: Cayuga Vault Type: Stage, Dance Address: 1100 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 421-9471 Web:

Venue: Kuumbwaa Jazz Type: Food, Stage Address: 320-2 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 427-2227 Web:

Venue: Cocoanut Grove Type: Stage, Dance Address: 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 423-2053 Web:

Venue: Santa Cruz Dance & Performing Type: Stage, Dance Address: 2800 Porter St. Soquel, CA 95073 Tel: (831) 479-4700 Web:

Venue: The Dance Spectrum Type: Classes, Dance, DJ Address: 1707d South Bascom Avenue, Campbell Tel: (408) 265 3774 Web:

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---------- REGULAR WEEKLY EVENTS --------

Featured Salsa Instructors:

Micheal Mpyangu: Micheal has over 20 years of global amateur and professional dance
experience and is offering regular weekly classes on Salsa techniques, moves and shines.
There are regular weekly classes on Tues. & Fri. He also provides private instruction,
workshops and other related services. He can be reached at;
tel: 831.295.3366; email:; web:

Mario Avila You probably have seen Mario in some salsa dance events with his slick
dance moves. He has been teaching, dancing, competing many years in various dance
genres such as swing, salsa, tango, foxtrot and more. For more info. on his classes
Mario at (831) 295 9555 or email: web:

--- Saturdays:
Check above venues for specialized events including salsa events, dances etc.

--- Sundays:
Salsa by the Sea (Every Sunday at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk next to the Ideal Restaurant) Free open air dancing every Sunday by the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Rotating DJs so there is something for everyone! 4.00pm-7:00pm.

Special Sunday Classes at the Palomar see website for more info.

---- Mondays:
Palomar Ballroom: Advanced Beginning Salsa Series with Jeremy 7:30-8:30pm Intermediate Salsa Series with Jeremy 8:30-9:30pm Salsa Rueda Mondays at the Cayuga Vault: 7-8pm Technique & Style (for Beginners 2/Intermediate 1 level) 8-9pm Beginners 2 to Intermediate 1 class. Cost $7/class and $5 with student (FT) ID.

---- Tuesdays:
Salsa class & party by Jose Resendiz (Vets Hall, 846 Front St. every Tuesday) Classes, dance party at the Vets Hall; 7:15 - 8:00pm Beginning Salsa lesson, 8:00pm-8.45pm Intermediate; 8:30pm - 10.30pm Dance party to DJs: Trace, Jose & Ferdouse; $8 ($4) per class, $12(6) for both classes (student rates with ID), $3 for party only. For more information; Jose (831) 295-0301; email:

---- Wednesdays:

---- Thursdays:

---- Fridays:
Palomar Ballroom (venue info. at end) 7:30 Intermediate Salsa lesson, 8:15 Beginning lesson. 9:00-11:30 Salsa dance party. $10 for both classes and party, or come for just the party for $3. Weekends: see above for more info.

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