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REMINDER! SalsaCruz Newsletter October 23, 2010 - Newsletter ( 23th October, 2010 )
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Saturday, Oct 23,

Salsa Rueda Santa Cruz presents the FourEighteen Project! 7:30 pm
One of the BIGGEST SALSA DANCE EVENTS in the area at 418 Front Street, Santa Cruz, California.
This annual event is a regular Salsa dance event celebrating Latin dance and music as one big family.
New this year: a DJ Festival with four of the hottest salsa DJs around: Itziar, Trace, JazzyJez, and Picasso!
Featuring our annual community Latin dance showcase with:
- Raices de Santa Cruz
- Jose introduces Helen & Wayne with Salsa and Bachata
- Samy Makar with Rueda Rockets from Mountain View
- Lynne Caryl with Tango Santa Cruz
- from UCSC Sabrosura

Event starts at 7:30 with Salsa/Salsa Rueda lesson.
Alcohol-free event!
This annual event is hosted by Chris&Jessica.
More information visit or call 831-457-7432
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