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TODAY! Broken English at Moes Alley. - Newsletter ( 17th May, 2012 )
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Broken Alley spins a wicked Salsa and Latin Dance party TONIGHT! 

Moes Alley is the venue. Tonight, Thursday, May 17 is the date. Doors open at 8pm. LIVE music opens the floor at 8:30. 

$7/10 Buy tickets and get more info at Moe's Alley.

From the website: 

A live performance by BROKEN ENGLISH amounts to a refreshing musical journey that transports its audience on a virtual vacation around the Caribbean islands. From Puerto Rico to Cuba to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Belize, Trinidad, Tobago and Brazil, we even stop off in Miami for some salsa fusion. The BROKEN ENGLISH repertoire balances both Spanish and English lyrics so skillfully, that crossover appeal is all but guaranteed.

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