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Cuban Immersion Dance Workshop Sat Oct 20 1-6 pm - Newsletter ( 18th October, 2012 )
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Saturday, October 20
Cuban Immersion Dance Workshop at Tannery World Dance and Cultural Center 1-6 pm
Enjoy a day of dance and musicality workshops. Explore everything you wanted to know about Salsa with experienced instructors from the Bay Area and Cuba.
Three workshops will be held during the day. Each workshop is $12 and $30 for all three.
Classes will be held at The Tannery 1060 River Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060.
For more info, visit the Facebook page at
Friday, Oct 19-20
For everyone who knows Ferdouse, he will be featuring his Paintology Drawing App at the Global Mobile Internet Conference- Silicon Valley. His app will be featured in the Top 100 AppAttack category with a chance to win the prestige of being one of the best apps to come out recently.
Follow the links below to score FREE Silver Executive Passes for both days of the event. Come show your support and enjoy a day of hanging out with the up and coming tech geeks in Cali.
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