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More Weekend Salsa Fun! Sign up to the newsletter here... -- Friday 4th Apr. --- Palomar Ballroom (venue info. at end) 7:30 Intermediate Salsa lesson, 8:15 Beginning lesson. 9:00-11:30 Salsa dance party. $10 for both classes and party, or come for just the party for $3. -- Saturday 5th Apr. --- Moes Alley (address, contact info. below) Salsa Night with JESUS DIAZ Y SU QBA! An awesome band when they played to a packed crowd over a few months ago! 9:30 PM, $12/15, + KUSP's DJ Miguel Carballo Also Sat.. The Attic (address, contact info. below) Orquesta Rumba Cafe back yet again! DJ Sonido Azteza opens at 7:30pm, Beginners salsa lesson 7:30 TO 8:15 with Mr. Joe, intermediate salsa lesson 8:15 to 9:00 with Jeremy Pilling, Orquesta Rumba Cafe opens at 9pm; Cover $12 Sat. 7-10pm Party at the Monterey Peninsula Dance! 71 Soledad Dr. in Monterey. Regular event with the best music in salsa, merengue, bachata, chacha... $10, More info. Also this Sat. 12-1pm, 1-2pm Michael Mpyangus 6 week series class on Salsa on 2. Took this class and it was really fun, you are sure to learn something new! Two classes; 12-1pm, 1-2pm ($15/class drop-in). Motion Pacific, 1001 Center Street. For more info. call Michael (831) 295 3366. -- Sunday 6th Apr. --- Salsa by the Sea - Near Boardwalk next to Ideal Restaurant. Free Salsa!(4pm - 7pm) Michael will be DJing. Palomar Ballroom Ladies Night - 9:00pm-11:00pm, $3 (ladies free!) --- Other News --- Drum classes! Jose Reyes (Broken English) will be offering drum classes from 7pm beginning April 9 (next week). The classes will be at Rhythm Fusion, Downtown Santa Cruz, behind Lulu Carpenter's Cafe. The cost is $80.00. I believe it will help our dancing. - posted by Michael Mpyangu -- correction The event last Saturday March 29 (Salsa Rueda) was not the 7 year celebration. This was a benefit event for a scholarship program celebrating Cesar Chavez. This will be our 75th performance supporting community events since almost 7 years of our existence. For more info. on Salsa Rueda classes, see below of weekly regular events. Brought to you by Ferdouse from If you have any news or events you like to post, reply to this email. Visit for all community events in Salsa as well as local pictures and videos. ---------- ADDITIONAL VENUE INFORMATION -------- --- Venues & Contact Info. --- Venue: Crows Nest Type: Restaurant, Bar, Stage, Dance Address: 2218 E. Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 476-4560 Web: Venue: Moes Alley Type: Stage, Bar, Dance Address: 1535 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 479-1854 Web: Venue: The Attic Type: Restaurant, Dance Address: 931 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 460-1800 Web: Venue: Palomar Ballroom Type: Dance Address: 1344 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 426-1221 Web: Venue: Kuumbwaa Jazz Type: Food, Stage Address: 320-2 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 427-2227 Web: Venue: Vets Hall Type: Stage, Dance Address: 846 Front Street, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 454-0478 Web: Venue: Cocoanut Grove Type: Stage, Dance Address: 400 Beach Street, Santa Cruz Tel: (831) 423-2053 Web: Venue: The Dance Specturm Type: Classes, Dance, DJ Address: 1707d South Bascom Avenue, Campbell Tel: (408) 265 3774 Web: ------- // --------- ---------- REGULAR WEEKLY EVENTS -------- Saturdays: Check above venues for specialized events including salsa events, dances etc. Sundays: Salsa by the Sea (Every Sunday at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk next to the Ideal Restaurant) Free open air dancing every Sunday by the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Rotating DJs so there is something for everyone! 4.00pm-7:00pm approx. Salsa at the Palomar Balroom End the weekend with a dose of good salsa music at the Palomar balroom. 9:00pm - 11:00pm, $3 ---- Mondays: Salsa Rueda Mondays at the Cayuga Vault: 7-8pm Technique & Style (for Beginners 2/Intermediate 1 level) 8-9pm Beginners 2 to Intermediate 1 class. Cost $7/class and $5 with student (FT) ID. Maryasha is teaching Zumba Classes Mondays and Fridays at Motion Pacific from Noon - 1:00. Cost is $10 per class or $36 for a package of 4. 1001 Center St. building in downtown Santa Cruz. For more info call: 831-234-5813 ---- Tuesdays: Salsa class & party by Aaron & Aleks (Vets Hall, 846 Front St. every Tuesday) Dance & party at the Vets Hall; 7-8pm beginning Salsa lesson 8-9pm intermediate; 8:30pm - 10.30pm Dance party to DJs: Trace, Jose & Ferdouse; $5 per class, $3 for party only. For more information; ---- Wednesdays: Salsa Rueda in Santa Cruz at Cayuga Vault (1100 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz) - 7-8pm: Intro/Beginners to Salsa and Salsa Rueda. Come to this class even when you know some Salsa already. - 8-9pm: Beginners level 2 - 9-10pm: Intermediate level 1 - Free dance after class until 10:30pm, Cost $7/class and $5 with student (FT) ID. ---- Thursdays: Salsa Rueda now at the Cayuga Vault Same as Wed. Bridge class starts at 8pm., call (831) 457-7432 for more info. ---- Fridays: Palomar Ballroom (venue info. at end) 7:30 Intermediate Salsa lesson, 8:15 Beginning lesson. 9:00-11:30 Salsa dance party. $10 for both classes and party, or come for just the party for $3. Weekends: see above for more info. ------- // --------- ----END---
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